Dispute Resolution

Our experience speaks for itself. With our outstanding record as proof, we can guarantee that our priority is successfully guiding our clients at their most difficult times.

We are experienced in all tender industries and fields, for we have worked with a vast range of customers around the globe in both domestic and international disputes.

Companies often find it hard to find a law firm in Costa Rica that offers consultancy services on tenders in a comprehensive and exhaustive manner. However, in Batalla we see that as our comprehensive obligation.

Through this thorough support, we have come to understand that litigations are not the only way to defend and protect commercial positions. Consequently, we offer our customers a practice of Alternate Conflict Resolution Methods, led by experts in both mediation and arbitrage.

Experts in Batalla are recognized as leaders in the field. Our group is made up of specialists who focus on the sectors in which our clients operate, guaranteeing the understanding of their language and giving us a perspective from inside the market. Consequently, we are allowed to offer more accurate and realistic solutions.


relevant experience

  • We led the creative process developed by the credit buyer group and the National Bank of Costa Rica for a Real Estate project.
  • We carried out litigations for non-contractual civil liability for damages allegedly derived from consumption.
  • We participated in litigations for contractual civil liability for damages derived from private trusts.
  • We collaborated in an international investment arbitration.
  • We carried out litigations for liability for damages derived from noncompliance of the insurance agreements.