Environmental Law

Environmental matters have become a major issue in global commerce, hence one of the main challenges that our clients face. We want to advise our clients properly, as good advisory in this field will allow them to reduce their environmental, health and safety risks. Through our work, we can help you prevent serious incidents.

However, in the case that an incident occurs, we are prepared to handle all regulatory procedures, government actions and civil claims that may arise as a result.

We know that compliance with environmental standards and a cleaner line of business increases competiveness and improves our clients’ business opportunities.

We have vast experience with Environmental Impact Assessments, heading procedures before SETENA, being part of the creation of Water Basin Management Plans, auditing and advising under ISO 14001 and OSHA 18001 certifying procedures, designing water use plans in areas of the country such as Osa and Guanacaste, among others.



  • We have advised multiple leader companies in biotechnology research and manufacturers of biotechnology products and chemicals for use in the agroindustry, both in regulatory and environmental matters. In that case, we provided support throughout the approval procedures, as well as during concessions to access genetic material pursuant to the required use. We also provided support during the importation and authorization procedures for the release of genetically modified organisms into the environment.
  • We advised organizations with the proposal of policies and technical and legal tools that allow an adequate period of time to generate distributed energy in Costa Rica.
  • Batalla advised the first MDL granted to a non-hydroelectric project in Costa Rica. The advisory was focused on obtaining the permits for the Ministry of Health and earning MINAE’s approval, obtaining environmental feasibility, establishing waste management protocols, obtaining the authorizations for constructive activities, writing contracts with suppliers, and advisory in the operation, especially in the follow-up and monitoring of the air emissions, and compliance with the new regulations for waste management.
  • Our approach is preventative and we assist company teams in generating environmental policies and environmental management protocols for the adequate management of their products, solid and liquid wastes, air emissions, and the rational use of water and mining resources. We support this with legal auditing and other environmental requirements established in ISO 14001, carbon neutrality (INTE 12-01-06), blue flag, fair trade, ISO 26000, OHSA 18001, organic certifying systems, among other regulations.
  • We have represented multiple companies in criminal, civil, administrative contentious and agrarian legal procedures, in which damages and losses are claimed for alleged environmental damages. Likewise, we provide support for the resolution of disputes when a controversy or pretention over environmental matters exists.