Labor Law

Our priority is the welfare of our clients’ businesses; as such, labor law cannot be ignored and is perhaps one of the most important areas of a company.

The applicable laws and regulations among employee-employer relationships are in constant transformation thus can become confusing. The risk of not having a full understanding of them and of the employee’s rights may cause the company serious problems.

Our experts know how to guide you in employment matters in corporate transactions such as M&A due diligence, or day-to-day concerns in corporate governing and legal matters related to employees, directors or contractors.

For the benefit of our clients, we understand how effective communication with the employees must be and the importance of a rapid and practical advisory in these types of situations.

We have a solid reputation guaranteeing that when a contentious stage is reached, we can assist in all matters related to employment litigation, including dispute resolution. We know how to handle complex contentious work.



  • We advised  a big fast food chain on the termination of labor contracts and payment of compensation to more than 450 employees due to the closure of operations in Costa Rica.
  • We advised the transnational company of fruits and vegetables in a collective conflict filed by the union before court of justice.
  • We cooperated with AmCham and CDC in the analysis and discussion of the bills of law related to private and public employment.
  • We guided a Municipality in the analysis of collective agreements and further actions before administrative authorities to revoke said collective agreement.
  • We took care of the labor litigation of an ex-employee of the transnational painting company for the payment of a pension plan and compensation for relocation and other benefits.