Public Law

 We offer our clients ample and renowned experience in both contentious and non-contentious cases. We know how to expertly advise our clients in regards to the operation of public law related cases. Our experts’ knowledge ensures that different lines of businesses are not a limitation.

We are proud of our professionals in this area, as we know they are highly esteemed by their peers. We offer advise in the following areas of law: administrative, energy, environment, insurance, occupational health and technology.

In addition, we have vast experience in different regulated industries such as tobacco, biotechnology, insurance, telecommunications, energy, finance, gas, mining, lottery and education. 



  •   We have advised several companies in public procurement procedures with public entities such as the Costa Rican Social Security (CCSS), National Electricity Institution (ICE), and state banks.
  •  We have supported multiple companies in disciplinary and disabling procedures for alleged non-compliance of public procurement regulations or contracts, successfully ensuring the charges be dropped. 
  •  We advised the former supervisor of the Route 27 concession agreement, in the administrative procedures that it faced due to breach of contract.
  •  We filed an annulment administrative procedure and a lawsuit against the National Emergency Commission (CNE) as said Institution issued zoning in the Cinchona area, thus affecting multiple companies. At the end, a settlement was reached and CNE agreed to revoke the regulations.
  •  We successfully represented a mayor and municipal councilors in a disabling procedure followed by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR), a procedure that was declared unfounded after our intervention.